How to choose a good iron according to the shape of the straightening plates?

They differ in the form of rounding and the width of the leveling plates. Angles can be flat or rounded, and width from 1 to 3 centimeters wide.

To choose a tool or best flat iron for natural hair, according to these characteristics, you need to rely on how you will use it. If the iron will be used not only as a means for straightening, but also for curling, it is better to choose a device with rounded corners 3 centimeters wide. The wider it is, the more hair you can take into the strand - great it saves time.

Plate width

Repeat this question on these criteria: your density, length and structure.

For long and thick hair, the plates should be wider from 2 centimeters to 3.
For thin enough 1, 1.5 centimeters.
For bangs the thinnest.
The presence of a rotating mechanism of the cord around its serves as a positive point, since thanks to this function the wire does not get tangled and broken - this characteristic + to the service life.

Mounting plate

By type of mounting plates are divided into groups with floating and rigidly fixed. Floaters are more rational in their use, as they are attached by springs, which allows them to move when working in the right direction + in styling hairstyles. Rigidly mounted in the case, and the compression plates depends only on the strength of your pressing the handle ironing.

The gap between the plates

Gap is the gap that is formed during compression. In many brands, there are no gaps at all, but if there is one, pay attention to its size. The smaller the gap, the more evenly the heat will be distributed along the strands. For irons with rigidly fixed plates, a gap of up to 1 millimeter is considered the norm, for floating up to 2.

Temperature expansion

Do not save on this function, buy a leveling iron with temperature control. Remember, if there is no regulator, then the temperature is fixed above the prescribed norm, burn the hair strongly and, if the coating is metal, then immediately, other coatings through several alignments.

Based on temperature conditions:

No temperature adjustment;
With temperature control without memorization;
With temperature control with memorization.
Rectifiers without temperature control are the least in demand, because for each type and structure of hair you need to choose your temperature. In most cases, the temperature can be regulated from 140 ° C to 230 ° C. The average rate (universal) is 180 °.

Stylish styling for short hair

The trend of 2016 became short haircuts. And this is not surprising, short hair does not cease to admire its creativity, with their help, you can express the most delicate character traits and especially brightly throw out all the creative solutions of their creative nature. The popularity of short haircuts is increasing and in the place with this the number of styling options and hairstyles for short hair grows.

Short hair styling:
1. To get the perfect styling, hair must be clean. Before beginning any styling, be sure to wash your hair.

2. For long-term preservation of styling, use fixing tools It is better to use mousses or foams. The mousse will keep styling throughout the day, the hair will look natural. For styling curly hair, be sure to use a leveling tool. These products are applied to wet hair before drying, after applying the hair, you must comb it with a comb called “skeleton” and dry it. For a more powerful fixation, you can use a lacquer or gel, after the styling is already formed. If you use lacquer, then be sure to spray it distantly from the head, then your hairstyle will look natural.

3. For blow-drying it is necessary to set the temperature under the type of your hair, so as not to damage them. We dry hair with the help of "skeleton", they should not be too wet. We need to dry them to the state of light moisture, it is necessary so that we can give them the desired shape and volume. Dry hair begin necessarily from root to tip.

4. The best helper when styling a short haircut will be a round comb. With it, you can create the necessary volume and shape of the strands.

Chaotic tail

This styling is easy, ridiculously fast and looks great. It will take you 3 minutes to make this short, messy tail that will be the final chord to your image.

Hands form the tail. The more chaotic strands will be collected in the tail, the more effective your hair will turn out. After you collect the tail, pull out a few strands to get a perfectly messy look and secure them with studs on the back of your head. Fix the completed styling with varnish by spraying it away from the bottle of hair.

Stylish bun

This styling for short hair is created for lovers of wands and bunches. Since a full beam on short hair is not collected, try for yourself half assembled. This option is suitable for any image and style.